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Several of our Coleman ancestors are buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in Detroit.  Among them is my paternal grandfather, Arthur Roy Coleman, his daughter Jean, his sister Addie, his sister Jennie, and his mother Sarah.

When my brother Larry and I went there in April 2011 to search for some of these graves, we were unable to locate grave markers for some of these relatives.  I returned to the cemetery in August 2011, determined to resume the search.  During this visit, I made some progress.

With the help of a cemetery employee, James Foster, I was able to uncover the grave markers for great grandmother Sarah, her daughter Addie, Addie's husband William Skerrett, and the two children of Addie and William: William Jr. and Ruth.  Prior to starting the search and dig process, we looked overhead and saw a beautiful hawk in a tree above us -- an omen that if we had a keen eye, we would find what we were searching for.

Click on the links below to view these photos:

James starts the digging process
Marker of Sarah Renton (formerly Sarah Coleman)
Tom by Sarah's grave
Marker of Addie Skerrett (formerly Addie Coleman)
Marker of William Skerrett
Marker of William Skerrett Jr.


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